8:00 AM OPENING CEREMONY Main Walkway to Area A. Escort to the Colors of the St. Andrews Society of Baltimore. Anthems. Escort to the Colors and playing of the National Anthems – UK, Canada, USA Piping & Drumming Registration.

The Grove 8:30 AM Individual Piping Competition. Highland Dancing Registration.

9:00 AM 22# Hammer Throw for Distance. Highland Heptathlon Competition begins. Scottish Fiddle Workshop. Highland Dancing Competition begins. Spinning & Weaving Demonstration begins. Area F. Silent Auction will close at 3:00 PM.

9:30 AM Bogside Rogues.

10:00 AM Individual Drumming Competition. Various Locations Sheep Dog Demonstration. Area F Gaelic Song Session. Area TBA

10:15 AM Stone Putt for Distance.

11:00 AM Albannach. Area J Athletic Special Event. Meet & Greet the Athletes. Area B Scottish Fiddling Judge’s Concert. David Gardner.

 Introduction to Gaelic Language.

11:15 AM 56# Weight Throw for Distance.

11:45 AM 28# Weight Throw for Distance.

12:00 PM MID-DAY CEREMONY Clan March of the Tartans. Area A Massed Bands – Drum Major Jason Litz, Parade Marshal Escort to the Colours – St. Andrews Society of Baltimore Singing of Anthems Opening & Remembrance – Arthur McAra Piping the Lament – Liam MacDonald – “Flowers of the Forest” Invocation – Rev. Ernest Smart Highland Dancing Registration will begin.

12:30 PM Scottish Fiddling Competition Check-in.

Area G Highland Dancing Competition will begin.

12:45 PM Bogside Rogues. Area J 1:00 PM Gaelic Poetry Session.

 1:30 PM Sheep Dog Demonstration. Area F Scottish Fiddling Competition.

1:45 PM Caber Toss for Accuracy.

2:00 PM Albannach. Area J Pipe Band Competition begins. Area A Bogside Rogues.

2:30 PM Entrance of the Haggis and the Robert Burns’ Address to the Haggis. Area H Athletic Special Event. Mini Caber Toss for Youth.

2:45 PM 20# Sheaf Toss for Height.

3:00 PM The Spinning & Weaving Silent Auction closes.

3:10 PM Bogside Rogues.

3:30 PM Sheep Dog Demonstration.

Area F 56# Weight Toss for Height.

4:00 PM Athletic Special Event. Meet & Greet the Athletes. Waulking Demonstration.

4:15 PM Albannach.

5:00 PM CLOSING CEREMONY Massed Bands and Awards Presentations. Area A

All times and locations are subject to change. Please listen for updates from the announcer. Thank you!