Spinning & Weaving Demonstrations

For this year’s Games, observe spinners making yarn from sheep’s wool and a weaver weaving that yarn into a shawl that will be sold in a silent auction. This event pays tribute to the fiber of the old-world Scottish economy — wool.

Enjoy watching a group of spinners and weavers from local fiber guilds create a shawl using techniques that have been around for hundreds of years.  The spinners use spinning wheels to turn washed and carded sheep’s wool into yarn that can be used for weaving.
The weaver prepares a loom before the event by threading individual warp threads through heddles and reed and tying them onto front and back beams.  The colors of the warp yarns and the order in which they are threaded onto the loom will determine the design of the final shawl.  During the event, the weaver will use the yarn spun by the spinners to weave the shawl.
There will be a silent auction in which ticket-holders can bid on the shawl.  The highest bidder will be the proud owner of a beautiful handcrafted textile.

Spinning & Weaving – Times To Be Determined for 2025