Cultural Events

Keep Scottish Traditions Alive with Cultural Events

The Fair Hill Scottish Games pays tribute to Scotland’s rich cultural history with the following events.


Sheep Dogs

Watch skilled Border Collies herd sheep at the command of their faithful shepherd. Sheep Dog Trials are a 100 year Scottish tradition that date back to the beginning of time.

About Sheep Dog Trials

St. Andrews Society of Baltimore’s presentation of “The Haggis”

Village of the Clans

Visit the Clachan to locate your clan tartan and show off your Scottish family pride. Clan experts will educate you on your clan history and you can take home a souvenir tartan.

Find Your Tartan



Observe spinners making yarn from sheep’s wool and a weaver weaving that yarn into a shawl that will be sold in a silent auction. This event pays tribute to the fiber of the old-world Scottish economy — wool.

Learn About Weaving