Scottish Fiddling Music Sessions

Scottish Fiddle Music Session

This year we will try something different. Instead of hosting a fiddle competition in which only two or three people perform for an audience and a judge, this year we will host two sessions for people to play together the Scottish fiddle music we love.

Frequently after fiddle competitions, there is a chance for the performers to play a few favorite tunes together. It seems to us that fiddlers playing together often brings more pleasure to the musicians and to the audience than the competition did, so this year we will dispense with the competition and go straight to ensemble playing.

We will have a morning session (10:00 to 11:30) and an afternoon session (2:00 to 4:00).

The music to be played will depend on the participants, who need not all play fiddle—other acoustic instruments are also welcome, except the highland bagpipes. There are literally thousands of tunes in the Scottish fiddle tradition, and more are written each year. One readily available selection of tunes is the collection of “Smashing Scottish Session Tunes” assembled and arranged by Barbara McOwen, which can be downloaded from several websites.

The steward will have several copies of this collection to play from and he encourages prospective participants to try out the tunes before coming to the festival. Anyone wishing to suggest and lead a tune not in the collection will be welcome to do that. Music stands and chairs will be provided.

To participate in the session, simply bring your acoustic instrument with you to the gate. You will need to pay the regular admission ticket price. We look forward to celebrating and sharing together our love of Scottish music. Come and join us!

Please note: The location on the fairgrounds is to be determined. Check back for updates.

For questions about the fiddling sessions, contact Curt Hoganson at