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Scottish Highland dancing is a celebration of Scottish music and spirit! The devotion of the Scot to his native land and its traditions has played a large part in these ancient dances being passed down through generations.

It began centuries ago as an athletic event, perhaps warriors proving their strength. Today, both men and women can study this sport.

Dancers compete throughout the world showing the strength, agility and technical precision of this colorful tradition of Scottish culture.

Highland dancing has always been at the Games and has always been a favorite among dancers from all over for many many years. Any registered highland dancer may enter the competition.

The competition will have little ones just starting their dancing journey to the very experienced dancer having won all over the world.

Highland dancing is held on a brand new platform in an air conditioned building!

The dancer of the day is determined by the judge(s), between premier dancers. This is a special award and is in memory of Margaret (Pearl) McConnell who was always a huge part of our Games and important in outfitting dancers for years.



1. Pre-Premier Competition to begin at 9:00 with registration at 8:30.

2. Premier dancing will follow lunch break.

3. Entry deadline May 1, 2024.

4. Competition will follow SOBHD guidelines. Judges’ decision is final.

5. SOBHD card must be presented at registration.

6. Competition organizer reserves the right to make changes in events in the best interest of the competition.

Pearl McConnell Memorial Award will be presented to the Dancer of the Day based on a dance-off of the Highland Fling for all Premiers with a first place in any dance.


Entry Deadline: May 1st, 2024


16 PDB
Highland Fling – 4
Sword – 2/1

Highland Fling – 4
Sword – 2/1
Seann Triubhas – 3/1
Scottish Lilt – 4

Highland Fling – 4
Sword – 2/1
Seann Triubhas – 3/1
Scottish Lilt – 4

Highland Fling – 4
Sword – 2/1
Seann Triubhas – 3/1
Hornpipe – 4

(7 & under 12 age group will be cut steps)
Highland Fling – 6
Seann Triubhas – 4/2
Highland Laddie – 4
Hornpipe – 5

**Age Groups in each category will be
determined by entries received