Scottish Fiddling Competitions-2017 entry form is up on the website

The “inside voice” of Scotland

While the Great Highland Bagpipes can boast of being Scotland’s “outside voice”, the fiddle may, with reason, claim to be its “inside voice”. Scottish fiddling absorbed the fire and power of the music of the pipes and melded these with the tenderness and honesty of ancient Gaelic song. Inspiring and direct, or wistful and seductive, the sound of the fiddle moves its hearers to dance or to march or to weep–not all at once, of course!

In Scotland, the fiddle had its Golden Age in the eighteenth century, and that music became the soundtrack of colonial and revolutionary America. The tradition lives on in Scotland and here.  We celebrate it with a concert, a competition and a workshop for aspiring musicians.

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2017 Fiddling Judge: David Gardner

David_Pic-193x193David Gardner is a nationally recognized Scottish fiddle performer, teacher, and judge. He has been performing Scottish fiddle music since the 1980’s, absorbing the idiom and style of the great 18th century Scottish composers such as the Gows, Mackintoshes and Marshall.

Visit David’s Website to learn more about him.


Order of Fiddling Events

9:00 am

Fiddling Registration Begins

In the Tea Barn

9:30 am - 10:15 am

Introductory Scottish Fiddle Workshop

David Gardner. Tea Barn Upper Level.

10:15 am - 11:00 am

Advanced Scottish Fiddle Workshop*

David Gardner. On the stage in the Clan Tent Area

11:15 am - 11:45 pm

Judge plays on Main Stage

(exact time TBD)

1:00 pm - 1:45 PM

Judge's Fiddle Concert

Tea Barn Upper Level

2:00 pm

Fiddle Competition Begins

All events are at the Tea Barn except where noted.

* Workshops on Scottish-style fiddle playing are open to all interested–you do not need to compete in order to attend the workshop. The Beginner/Novice Workshop is appropriate for someone with an interest in fiddling and a year or more playing the violin/fiddle. The intermediate/advanced workshop is for musicians with some experience already in playing in the Scottish style or in other styles of fiddling. Workshop attendees must pay the admission fee for the Games or the fee to compete, but no additional charge is required to participate in the workshops.